Karen, I want to thank you in a personal way for the beautiful illustrations you made for our project! And also for the checklists of course. Super communication and ‘good thinking’. Thanks.

Team of GODIVA:
Imke van Maren, Jacqueline Nuysink & Marike Boonzaaijer

University of applied sciences – Utrecht

Hi Karen. On behalf of our entire team ‘super’ thanks for your corporation with RTV-Utrecht. You did very well! Sandra (van Basten Batenburg)

Karen from Studio K  @ 9.10 min:

The question was: ‘Should we oblige companies to hire more employees over 45?’

“Moeten we bedrijven verplichten 45+ werknemers in dienst te nemen?”

Voedselbank Zeist

Hello Karen

Hereby I send you both brochures. They look good and it wasn’t too expensive. An address to remember.

The contact form you suggested isn’t going to work out: people aren’t ready for it yet.

Remember to send us your logo: so we can put it on our new van.

I want to warmly thank you again on behalf of my collegeas for your effort that led to two brochures that we can be proud of.

Greetings, Marinus van Oijen
Food bank, Zeist – NL

Underneath you can see 4 pages of one of the flyers I made for them.

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Creative Graphic Designer