Illustrations, logo-design, responsive webdesign and some of the puzzles I made for Conceptis.



I designed this flyer to promote the local volleyball competition in Zeist. People that live in the area are invited to Sporthall Dijnselburg to come and play on Fryday nights. The flyer will be printed and placed on Facebook and their website. Here’s a link to the interactive pdf: ZVC-ia


Leitz-Service België viert jubileum op Prowood

Leitz-Service België, een vooraanstaand leverancier van hoogwaardige gereedschappen voor de hout-, metaal- en kunststofverwerkende industrie, viert dit jaar zijn 50-jarig jubileum en wilde hiermee duidelijk zichtbaar zijn op Prowood, een internationale vakbeurs in Gent voor de houtverwerkende nijverheid en aanverwante sectoren in België.

Een designer van Leitz heeft het standontwerp van deze speciale jubileum stand gemaakt, Hypsos heeft het projectmanagement en de standbouw voor Prowood 2015 verzorgd, de grafische uitingen zoals op de foto zijn verzorgd door Studio K.

Studio K works or has worked for

  • Alta Communicatie
  • AMIS
  • Allianz
  • Alterego Marketing: Productschap Wijn, TNO
  • Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum (APS): studieboeken onder- en bovenbouw
  • ANWB: Studio en Uitgeverij Boeken
  • Atelier Goldner Schnitt
  • Bureau a.d. Amstel: KIA, Promz Magazine
  • Conclusion: New Frontiers, Ausy, Oracle, Smartsite
  • Connexion: Seat
  • DCGBV: AT&T, IBM, Recticel
  • De Combinatie van Factoren: Avery Dennisson, Bruna, Heineken, Holiday on Ice,  M&M’s, Tele2
  • DDK: gemeente Utrecht, BMW, DrieTour Reizen, Sola
  • DMO: Direct Marketing en Communicatie: Aegon, Menzis, Tempo-team
  • DWBH: Yves Rocher
  • Enbloc: Fortisbank
  • EMP Grafimedia: Accor hotels
  • Euretco: Intersport
  • Firm: Oxxio, The Phonehouse
  • Graphic: The Phonehouse, WNF, Royal Leerdam
  • Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Hypsos: standbouw en expo
  • Interface communicatie: Gemeente Ede en Barneveld, Protestantse kerk
  • Kade 10: Gemeente Katwijk
  • Keesing: Denksport
  • Lukkien: Vodafone
  • Mrkwrdig
  • Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie: Vreemdelingenketen
  • Nefli
  • O2 Communicatie: Bruynzeel-Sakura
  • Olio: medische publicaties: Lilly
  • Portes
  • Puur!FCT: HG schoonmaakmiddelen
  • R & R Automatisering
  • Stichting Samen Oplopen
  • Stijlmeester: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, MSC Gusto
  • Studio Sanhaveld
  • Target: Vereniging Proefdiervrij, Yarden
  • The Restructuring Company
  • Top of the Pops magazine
  • TTF Amfors, BAM NBM, MAN truck & bus, PON Bedrijfswagens
  • Talking Daisies
  • Twin Media: Homeopathie magazine
  • Valued-Professionals
  • Visionwaves: LHV (Landelijke Huisarten Vereniging)
  • Wijnand Vlok: Fairtrade Max Havelaar, Interhoff
  • Voici Design: Makro-folders food en non-food


Karen, I want to thank you in a personal way for the beautiful illustrations you made for our project! And also for the checklists of course. Super communication and ‘good thinking’. Thanks.

Team of GODIVA:
Imke van Maren, Jacqueline Nuysink & Marike Boonzaaijer

University of applied sciences – Utrecht

Hi Karen. On behalf of our whole team ‘super’ thanks for your corporation with RTV-Utrecht. You did very well. Greetings Sandra (van Basten Batenburg)


Ik kom in de negende minuut in beeld.

Watch the interview @ 9.10 min

The question was:
‘Should we oblige companies to hire more employees over 45?’
“Moeten we bedrijven verplichten 45+ werknemers in dienst te nemen?”

Voedselbank Zeist

Hello Karen


Hereby I send you both brochures. They look good and it wasn’t too expensive. An address to remember.


The contact form you suggested isn’t going to work out: people aren’t ready for it yet.

Remember to send us your logo: so we can put it on our new van.


I want to warmly thank you again on behalf of my collegeas for your effort that led to two brochures that we can be proud of.


Greetings, Marinus van Oijen
Food bank, Zeist – NL


Underneath you can see 4 pages of one of the flyers I made for them.





Design solution-pictures for puzzle-apps on your tablet and smartphone. In the examples underneath you might recognize Poetin, John Travolta or François Hollande. The puzzles underneath are language independent. Anybody above age 6 can solve them. It will get you a lot of attention worldwide!

Your personalized puzzle?

Your portrait or your company logo as a puzzle? Studio K will design it for you. You can pick out of these puzzles:

Paint squares as you solve the puzzle and discover a beautiful pixel-art picture.

Find the symmetry, paint the blocks and discover a hidden pixel-art picture.

Find the way clues are linked, paint the paths and discover a hidden pixel-art picture.

Find the way clues are linked, paint the paths and discover a colorful pixel-art picture.

Find which neighboring squares must be painted and create a beautiful picture.

And last but not least: Dot-a-pix or – better known as – connect the dots. Connect dozens, hundreds or even a thousand dots to reveal the hidden picture.

Send your file to info@studio-k.nl


Pic-a-pix (nonogram)

Design solution-pictures for puzzle-apps on your tablet and smartphone. In the  black-and-white nonogram, you are being served a cup of tea. In the colored nonogram you can discover part of Sharbat Gula’s face (by SteveMcCurry).








The box

Slide the blocks in all directions so the box can go down to the next level. This sounds a little boring and the app also takes a few seconds to load. In the meantime you can watch a story I made up to make the game more attractive and will promote the Netherlands (in this case) as well.


This story starts in our solar system and should be animated: you are inside the box and planet Venus spits you out into space. With a big splash you’re landing in a Dutch ditch while the pedigree cattle is watching you. But don’t worry: you are not drowning; you’re just sinking and you can solve the seemingly endless levels of sliding blocks and maybe you’ll reach …China?

The levels are increasingly difficult and will lead you into swirling masses of water, fire, molten rocks, lava and caves with stalactites. Can you stand the earthly elements?


For a simple responsive website I advise WordPress. It’s fun! With webdesign I do literally mean web design. I can make a clean website in html or Dreamweaver.

My business partner Peet Stolk from Base Unit can build, host and develop your website. He is very experienced with a.o. PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS, Realbasic, Filemaker en AppleScript. Here are a few of his examples:  (more…)

Click on this link to learn about creating your logo. This may look easy, but if you like a professional logo contact Studio K. Underneath some examples: